Nineteen Hundred

Staff Evaluation

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Attach your updated role description. Your role descriptions should have your overall role, weekly role, and yearly role. Overall role will include the purpose and mission of your team. Your weekly role will include specific tasks that you are responsible for seeing completed on a weekly basis. Your yearly role will include big projects that you oversee throughout the year.
It’s important that we are not just carrying out tasks for a job but that this is always a calling from God in your life first. Do you feel called to this role for a long period of time or is this a short-term calling for you? Are you open to other ministry positions?
Volunteer, Intern, Part Time, Full Time. What is your immediate and ultimate goal “career” wise? College plans? Put the desired date on your personal goals.
What are your specific goals for the team that you lead and/or ministry that you oversee? For each goal attach a tentative date and a numerical value.
What have been big accomplishments in your ministry area this month?
What needs to be addressed and taken care of immediately?
When we are talking about this evaluation in a month, what are some accomplishments or goals that will have been achieved?
Your role is not to complete tasks. It is to ensure that the goals of your area are achieved. You are a team builder! Who did you equip this past month to do the work of your ministry area?
We should be constantly recruiting for our teams. Who do you think could be potentially a good fit for your team and what will each of their roles be?
When faced with adversity, you actively seek a solution... *
You welcome and receive feedback... *
Punctuality and attendance *
Attitude *
On a 1-5 scale, how unified do you feel the Staff Team is? *
On a 1-5 scale, how confident are you in the vision from the Lead Pastor? *



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Talent Development
Is the Team Member working to become better and develop their talent and skills for their ministry and calling?
Team Building / Recruiting
Is the Team Member actively recruiting for and developing their Team. Do they seek out potential developed and undeveloped talent? Are they diligent in following up with those interested in their Team?
Character / Attitude
Is the Team Member showing the attitude and characteristics that we would expect from a leader?
Self Starter / Reliability
Is the Team Member taking initiative without being asked? Is the Team Member finding ways to improve their ministry and church?
Vision / Direction
Does the Team Member have a clear direction and vision? Do they have a calendar for their area with a strategy to continually gain momentum?