In Matthew 6, Jesus describes the money issue as a worry issue. Ultimately our finances are a test of how much we trust our Heavenly Father to take care of our needs.


In Exodus 14, a picture is painted of some of the choices we face in life. With each choice, we can take a step toward all that God has for us or a step back. We are challenged to leave the safety of slavery for the uncertainty of freedom.


We were made to be in relationship with God. This was God's perfect design. At the fall of humanity, what was beautiful became broken so God sent a rescue plan named Jesus. Jesus is our only way to redemption through his death on the cross and his resurrection.


In week three of the series Made For This, we talked about getting invitational in order to make a difference in eternity. Heaven celebrates the "just one more" over the 99 every time. The saving is up to God, but the inviting is up to us.


Week two of our series, Made For This, was about living in community. God’s original design was for man not to be alone. Pastor Joel taught on practical ways to avoid isolation and to live in community.


In night one of Made for This, Pastor Joel preached about the tendency to put temporary things before God. Pursuing our purpose begins with pursuing the One who made it. Usually the hardest part of life is not choosing heaven over hell. It’s choosing heaven over earth.