When we lose perspective, we can step over the things that God is calling us to pick up. In the book of Nehemiah, Jerusalem's walls had turned into rubble and for 120+ years, the people did not rebuild. When Nehemiah was moved by the need, he picked up what had been stepped over for so long and rebuilt the wall in 52 days.


Sometimes God will allow us to reach a point of desperation so that we'll do what He always wanted us to. In 2 Kings 7, we see four men on the brink of starvation, step up in bravery to find the solution to their famine and then take the solution to the city. We are called to do the same as followers of Jesus. Pastor Joel Fletcher preached this message at the Thrasher-Horne Theater in Orange Park, FL.


Usually when breakthrough begins, your foundations are being shaken. How we respond to the shaking determines whether we experience freedom or stay captive. In Acts 16, Paul and Silas show a great example of worshipping in the waiting and the breakthrough that comes as a result. Pastor Joel Fletcher preached this message at a Nineteen Hundred Night in Orange Park, FL.


Why wait until tomorrow for the freedom you could have today? At the beginning of Luke 24, though Jesus has already resurrected, the disciples don't believe it when they hear it. They are still stuck in the second day, when day 3 has already come. Pastor Joel Fletcher preached this message at Clay High School for our first ever Easter Saturday service.


Nineteen Hundred met for the very first time in Green Cove Springs, FL on March 12, 2017. Pastor Joel Fletcher speaks about the preparation in faith that God requires to send rain in our lives and in our church!